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SynthEdit is a Modular Synthesizer incorporating visual VST/i-programming
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SynthEdit is a Modular Synthesizer. Incorporating a visual VST/i-programming capability. It can be utilized in the following applications: Windows XP and Vista. When using SynthEdit software you can use it to design your own Synth from beginning to end. It will allow you to create a raw product and make it into the sound that you want.

Anyone can use this software, as long as you know how to use a mouse, it is that easy. You begin by clicking on the modular component that you would like to use and then drag it and drop it into the oscillator. Once you have clicked and dragged all of the beats and sounds that you want, the next step to the final track is even easier.

In the oscillator folder, you click on the audio out, select output in the mood filter and then on to the VCA folder, where you will select the signal. All this is done through patch cords, so there is no worry of losing your tracks.

Once this is complete and you have your own unique sound, you can add a customized control panel feature. Another great thing about this amazing software is that you can share your synth with others.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Comprehensive E-Book that will assist you in creating VST-FX sounds


  • Must go through advertisements to get the E-Book
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